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Fayetteville is home to the University of Arkansas and has a flavor unlike any other town in Northwest Arkansas. Fayetteville’s growing trail system and beautiful foliage are the hallmarks of this charming city. Air Control is located just north of Fayetteville and proudly serves its residents for all their heating and cooling needs.  

We offer the following services in Fayetteville, AR:

customer reviews

“A special thank you for your recent service, which was so exceptional! I’ve been in Arkansas over 10 years and have rarely seen such a coordinated and efficient service call executed: all promptly, courteously, and at a moderate cost. Keep up the good work.   First, Ron, you remembered my voice from a couple of years ago! Then you actually listened to my needs by phone, and filled the bill in one trip by Troy. I was amazed! You have a sharp young employee there! I’d like to adopt him. He has an ear tuned to his business. I knew I had a glitch in the cycling of my furnace. Several companies had tried to fix it, but I didn’t mention that to Troy. He just picked up on it and said it didn’t sound right, so he adjusted the thermostat and it’s doing better. You folks are spreading sunshine and warmth (when there is none outside) and have made the world a kinder place for me. Being able to hold the cost down was a big help in getting me over that January budget hump, and I want you to know I appreciate it all. I wish you a happy, successful New Year.”

-- Mrs. R.B.J. - Fayetteville, AR

“Thank you for your honesty and due diligence in checking my warranty and returning my check! This is the real kind of business that people appreciate and are looking for. You will be highly recommended when the opportunity arises. Once again, thank you!!”

-- K.M. - Fayetteville, AR

“Keep up the good work. Installer came out mid-morning and got most of the work done. At noon, he politely let me know he was going to get some lunch and would be back soon. He did as he said, and another man stopped by to help him remove the old parts since they were too heavy for one person. After the helper left and the installer finished, he came in and helped me fill out the rest of the needed paperwork. He thanked me for the purchase, and said if there was any problem to call the store and he would be happy to come out and check. He also explained to me how the automatic thermostat worked--and had me try it so I would know how to set and reset it. I was very pleased to have him do the job, and would highly recommend him. He was very polite and helpful. I am very pleased with my purchase of the Lennox. The AC is wonderful in this 90 to 100+ weather we are having.”

-- P.M. - Fayetteville, AR

frequently asked questions about our services:

Q: My air conditioner is not turning on. What should I do?

A: Contact us to schedule a $79 Tune Up and we can evaluate your system to see what it needs!

Q: How can I schedule a service appointment for my HVAC system?

A: You can schedule your service online by clicking here or by calling 479-756-0199 today!

Q: Are there any planned maintenance agreements that you offer customers?

A: Yes, we offer both Gold and Silver PMA for our customers. Click here to learn more!

Q: Do you offer any kinds of discounts for your services?

A: Yes, we offer discounts for senior citizens, veterans, current military and first responders. We also offer coupons, easy financing and rebates. Click here to learn more!