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deciding whether to repair or replace your ac unit

July 2, 2020


Figuring out what to do with a malfunctioning air conditioner is tricky! Factoring in the components and energy costs can help you move forward with confidence and coolness.

1. How old is your air conditioning unit?​

When deciding whether to invest in AC repairs or purchase a new unit, don’t forget to factor in the age of your unit. The average lifespan of any AC unit is between ten and fifteen years, so keep in mind that the older the unit, the more frequent its breakdowns will be. 


2. How high are your monthly energy bills?

If the unit you previously installed (or inherited) is not energy efficient, it will show up in your energy bill every month. Also, if you have noticed an increase in your energy bills over time, it could be due to a worn-out unit.

3. What's wrong with your air conditioning unit?

Most of the time, the problem with your unit is fixable and can be more cost-effective than a replacement. While repairing your unit late into its aging process often ends up costing more money than the amount saved, investing in repairs during your unit’s first several years of life can provide an excellent return on your investment.

4. The cost of electricity over time

The cost of electricity has risen dramatically over the years and running an air conditioner during hours the house is vacant is both impractical and expensive. It is possible your original unit was not built into your home’s design and is now unable to keep up with your needs. This extra strain on your unit will cause it to malfunction and break down more quickly. It’s also important to note that an air conditioning installation is an involved process and should be left to an experienced professional. Factors such as correct sizing, duct leaks, sealing of all windows and doors, the differences between different AC brands and familiarity with new smart thermometer technology require professional skill and knowledge.

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