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air conditioning maintenance tips

June 12, 2020


Here are some simple, fast and budget-friendly tips for maintaining your AC unit:


1. Clean Frequently

It is common for outdoor units to acquire dirt and debris over time, especially in the vents that filter hot and cool air. Cleaning these vents yearly will help your unit run more efficiently with less effort. 


2. Avoid Running Unit 24/7

Turning your air conditioner off during times the house is unoccupied, at nighttime, and during the early morning is a wise way to extend its usability. In addition, you will save money on your monthly energy costs!


3. Change Filter

Air filters should be changed every 30-60 days and a clogged air filter will not be able to operate efficiently or quickly. Changing the air filter will provide you with a smooth and long-lasting unit. 


4. Annual Tune Up Schedule

Annual air conditioning tune ups are key for the longevity of your unit. A yearly tune up, like Air Control’s $79 Summer Special Tune Up, can prevent numerous damages at a fraction of the cost. 


5. Invest in a Programmable-Thermostat

Air conditioning can account for as much as 70% of your energy bill, especially during the summer months. Programmable thermostats are extremely effective at creating your ideal home temperature by maintaining constant temperatures. Newer units even offer wifi access so you can program your unit from your cell phone!

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