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Studies show that properly maintained heating and cooling systems last years longer than neglected equipment. At Air Control, we offer a membership to Tommy's Club - routine checkups that maintain warranty compliance and preserve the safety and performance of your air conditioner/furnace, heat pump or package unit system. We will schedule these checkups seasonally in the spring for cooling maintenance and in the fall for heating maintenance.  This is your best insurance from having a breakdown during extreme weather!

Tommy's club

What is Tommy's Club? 

It is scheduled maintenance with priority service and benefits. You receive two seasonal checkups a year: once for cooling season and once for heating season. 


What are the benefits?

  • Two Seasonal Check Ups every year - See below for detailed list of inspection!

  • 10% discount on needed parts

  • No after hour fees for emergency repairs

  • Priority scheduling for repairs

What items do you clean, inspect and adjust on a Seasonal Check Up?

  • Venting system

    • Inspect flue (exhaust) pipe and measure pressure to prevent carbon monoxide leakage.

  • Burners and heat exchanger for corrosion and cracks

    • Inspect burners for rust/debris to make sure gas burns properly. Inspect heat exchanger for pits, holes or cracks (any of these can cause carbon monoxide to be distributed throughout the home).

  • Combustion for optimum fuel efficiency

    • Make sure furnace has adequate oxygen supply to burners.

  • Blower assembly

    • Inspect blower wheel and motor for dirt and debris and clean if needed.

  • Electrical system control panels and boards

    • Inspect all electrical connections and tighten. Inspect control boards for corrosion or weak points.

  • Thermostat

    • Inspect thermostat and check operations.

  • Clean condenser coil

    • Wash out any dirt, debris (i.e. grass, dog hair) out of coil on outdoor unit to optimize air flow.

  • Clean and test condensate drain line

    • Flush out drain line from indoor evaporator coil and test to prevent flooding.

  • Disconnect panel

    • Check connections and fuses (if applicable) inside high voltage disconnect that supplies power to outdoor unit.

  • Measure refrigerant levels

    • Upon completion of all other listed items, the system is ran through a cooling cycle and the refrigerant levels are checked to ensure the system is cooling at maximum efficiency.

What items do you inspect, test and/or measure and record as applicable?

  • Fuel pressure - Heating System

  • Flue draft diverter/motor volts and amps - Heating System

  • Blower motor volts and amps - AC/Heating System

  • Blower capacitors - AC/Heating System

  • Refrigerant for optimal cooling - AC

  • Compressor contactor - AC

  • Condenser fan capacitor - AC

  • Compressor capacitor - AC

  • Compressor voltage and amperage - AC

  • Fan motor voltage and amperage - AC


What is the difference between a Seasonal Check Up and a Tune Up?

A Seasonal Check Up is more comprehensive than a Safety Tune Up because we provide more maintenance and check more items on a Seasonal Check Up than the Safety Tune Up. Also, we call you to schedule your Seasonal Check Up and you have all the discounts and priority service listed under benefits when you have a Tommy's Club Membership rather than a Tune Up Service.


Thank you for considering an Air Control Tommy's Club Membership. We look forward to serving you!

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