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Studies show that properly maintained heating and cooling systems last years longer than neglected equipment. At Air Control, we offer Preferred Maintenance Agreements that maintain warranty compliance and preserve the safety and performance of your air conditioner/furnace, heat pump, or package unit system. We will schedule a spring and fall checkup for cooling and heating maintenance.  This is your best insurance from having a breakdown during extreme weather.

Planned maintenance agreement (PMA)

What is Planned Maintenance? 

It is scheduled maintenance with priority service with benefits. At Air Control our Planned Maintenance Agreements (PMA) schedule service for twice a year; once for cooling season and once for heating season. 


What are the benefits?

  • Helps keep your unit running efficiently and keeps utility bills lower.

  • Having a PMA and renewing it every year will keep your equipment warranty in compliance.

  • HVAC manufacturers now require yearly maintenance to keep your warranty in effect.

  • Air Control gives you a parts and labor discount to all PMA customers.

  • No overtime fees for emergency repairs.

  • PMA customers get priority scheduling for emergency service.

  • Free diagnostic, if needed, at time of planned maintenance.

  • Replacement discounts given for purchase(s) of a new system.

  • Comprehensive maintenance on your system.

  • We call you to schedule your maintenance so even if you forget, we won’t!


What is the difference between a Planned Maintenance Agreement (PMA) Service and a Safety Tune Up?

The PMA is more comprehensive than a Safety Tune Up. We do more maintenance and check more items on the PMA than the Safety Tune Up. Also, we call you to schedule your PMA maintenance and you have all the discounts and priority service listed under benefits when you have a PMA rather than a tune up.


How do I know which PMA to get?

The Gold Preferred Maintenance has more cleaning and checks out a few more things so it is the best insurance. If you have an older unit, have pets, or live in an area with a lot of dust it might save you to go with the Gold. Also, people who want everything checked will want the Gold Planned Service. A Silver has the necessary maintenance and works fine for newer systems and people on a budget. Having any PMA will help extend the life of your unit and help keep it more efficient. Please note: If replacement parts are needed, your cost for parts and labor will be at a discounted rate.


Thank you for considering an Air Control Preferred Maintenance Agreement. We look forward to serving you!

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