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Tommy's seasonal checkup club

November 6, 2020

Air Control is proud to introduce our new maintenance program: Tommy's Seasonal Checkup Club! 

Tommy's Seasonal Checkup Club has replaced our existing Gold and Silver Planned Maintenance Agreements, combining the best of both services.


As a Tommy's Seasonal Checkup Club Member you receive the following:


Two seasonal checkups (Spring and Fall) that evaluate and assess the health of your HVAC system

Priority scheduling for emergency repairs

10% discount on needed parts

No after hour fees

We also clean, inspect and adjust the following:


Venting system

Burner & heat exchangers for corrosion and cracks

Combustion for optimal fuel efficiency

Blower assembly

Electrical system control panels & boards


Clean condenser coil

Clean condensate drain line

Disconnect panel

Measure refrigerant level


We also inspect your system's vitals:


Fuel pressure

Flue draft diverter/motor volts and amps

Blower motor volts and amps

Blower capacitors

Refrigerant for optimal cooling

Compressor contactor

Condenser fan capacitor

Compressor capacitor

Compressor voltage/amperage

Fan motor voltage/amperage

See pricing information below:

One Year Pricing

1 System - $199

2 Systems - $339

3 Systems - $513


Two Year Pricing

1 System - $373

2 Systems - $602

3 Systems - $1,002


*Please call 479-756-0199 for pricing if you have more than 3 systems!

Interested in joining the club? Click the button below to sign up!