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How Much Does Replacing an Air Conditioning Unit Cost?

There are several reasons why someone would replace an existing AC unit. Buying an AC unit is a major purchase for homeowners. Just like with other major purchases, knowing the details of what you are paying for is important.

Armed with the correct information, buying a new AC unit does not have to be painful. Knowing just a few basic facts about how air conditioners are priced can make the buying process easier.

No one wants to be living without air conditioning especially on a hot day. So, if you know how much it will cost to purchase and install an air conditioning unit before it breaks down, you will be confident and ready to make the purchase quickly. This article will break down how much it costs to replace an Air Conditioning unit, and discuss installation costs.

Average Cost of an AC Unit

The average cost of a home air conditioner in Northwest Arkansas is between $1,000 to $2,000. With installation costs, the total cost of replacing an air conditioning unit is about $4,500. Window air conditioning units cost around $350.

How is the Cost Determined?

Several factors determine the price of an air conditioning unit. Buying the largest, most powerful air conditioner is simply not the best approach. A large air conditioner is expensive and requires more maintenance. On the other hand, it is not smart to buy an air conditioner that is too small and not able to keep up with the home’s demands.

Every home is made differently. These differences require a detailed home assessment to understand the type and size of the air conditioner that needs to be installed. The home’s specifications determine the type of air conditioning unit required, which in turn defines the price.

The major factors of a home that influence the price of an air conditioner include:

  • Home size, measured in BTUs