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Reasons for Needing 24-Hour Air Conditioner Repair in Northwest Arkansas

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The wild shifts in Northwest Arkansas weather this year caused many to lose heat. Subzero temperatures and prolonged cold stressed heating units to their capacity. The quick weather changes will continue through the summer, and Air Control anticipates 24-hour calls to service air conditioning units that cannot handle the high heat levels.

Air Control services AC units that need repair and replacement in all seasons, but the most customer calls come in during the hot months of summer. This article explains the common reasons why residents of Northwest Arkansas need 24-hour emergency AC repair.

Going without air conditioning in the summer in Northwest Arkansas is the worst home issue. Read on to learn more about why emergency AC repair is needed.

Most Common Reasons People Need 24-Hour Service for Air Conditioning Units

Usually, homes in Northwest Arkansas only have a few air conditioning unit manufacturers, and these models all experience the same common AC problems. Whether it is a water leak, bad smell, or breakdown, Air Control technicians are well educated and trained on the most common reasons why AC units fail.

When an Air Control repair technician services a homes, usually the technician encounters the same issues, which include:

  • The AC unit is not cooling the house

  • The AC unit is not powering on

  • Leaking from the AC unit

  • Loud or strange noises coming from the AC unit

  • Not enough cool air is coming from the unit

  • The AC unit is starting to smell

These are the most common reasons why someone would need a 24-hour emergency call for their AC unit, and these reasons are detailed below.

The Air Conditioning Unit is Not Cooling the House

When the AC is not cooling the house, most people call Air Control. This situation is an emergency for most people, especially when temperatures rise in the hot summer months.

There are many reasons why an AC unit may not be cooling the home. On a service call, an Air Control technician checks the system for any leaks, assesses pipes for moisture retention, and certifies refrigerant levels are optimal. After diagnosing the issue, the technician will:

  • Inspect the unit and surrounding areas. The technician may perform basic cleaning of the condenser.

  • Discuss the AC unit's issues. The technician will explain the repairs needed to get the air conditioning unit running again.

  • Outline the costs for the repairs. Routine repairs are usually needed unless the unit is old or the unit has not been well maintained for a long time. In these cases, a new unit maybe required.

  • A service call report may include an estimate on replacement and installation costs if required.

If a complete replacement of the unit is needed, Air Control may have another technician visit and recheck the problem. They will then present different AC unit models, pricing for switching out the unit, and a schedule of when installation can be completed.

The AC Unit is Not Powering On

It is not unusual for an old AC unit to quit working during hotter months. Air Control receives numerous calls from Northwest Arkansas residents about this issue in the summer. The majority of these calls are from owners of AC units that are 10 to 15 years old.

When people call about an AC unit not powering on, the solution may be an easy electrical fix. Check the fuse box in the home for any electrical shortage issues. You can also check if the electrical isolator switch on your AC unit is turned on. If the fuse box and the AC isolator switches are turned on, and the AC is still not working, call Air Control for a service call.

Not all power-off issues require a total replacement or significant repairs. An Air Control technician can properly diagnose and fix the problem during a service call, even after operating business hours.

The Air Conditioning Unit is Leaking

If the AC unit is leaking a lot of water, it usually signifies the need for an emergency service call, even if it is after regular business hours. Leaking water is a common issue with AC units and often means a replacement unit is needed.

There are a few reasons why an AC unit will be leaking water. These reasons include:

  • A clogged drain line means water cannot drain from the overflow pan to the drain pipe. The AC unit may not have been installed correctly, which frequently causes this issue.

  • The overflow pan underneath the AC unit may be damaged. If there is damage, such as holes or cracks in the overflow pan, the drain pan cannot collect all of the water drained from the unit. A simple patch job can often fix this issue.

  • The AC unit’s filter is not clean and is clogging. Changing out the filter regularly will usually fix this problem.

  • If the AC unit is not installed on a perfectly flat surface, you may see more than average drainage. A realignment of the installation surface may be needed.

  • Check the overflow pan for any drainage. If you know the drain line is not clogged and the pan is overflowing with water, this may signify a broken AC pump. In this situation an Air Control service technician needs to be called out to the home to fix the problem.

Sometimes the problem cannot be diagnosed easily. If you have checked one of the reasons listed above and your air conditioning unit is still not working, call Air Control. Even if it is an after-hours call, and Air Control technician is available for service.

Noises are Coming from the AC Unit

It is common for an AC unit to make noises when it needs repair or replacement. The problem is diagnosing what type of noise the AC unit is making. Some of the typical sounds AC units make when they are having issues include:

High-pitched noises

High-pitched noises coming from your AC unit often signify that the belts and bearing in the fan motor or compressor suffered damage. The issue may be caused by something else, so it is a good idea to call Air Control to correctly diagnose the problem.


If you hear a humming noise coming from the AC unit, it usually means the unit’s fan broke. A break in a fan commonly occurs in old or non-maintained units. The fan works best if it is clean and maintained regularly. Air Control offers a yearly maintenance plan designed to avoid these types of issues.

The humming noise signifies that the AC unit needs service. Sometimes this can also be caused by leaking refrigerant. If coils and pipes corrode over time, the small cracks and holes that develop may cause leakage.

The AC Unit Sound is Not Stopping

Sometimes the noise may not be unusual or loud. The issue may be that the air conditioner does not stop making noise. Damaged coils often lead to a constant running sound. A continuous running noise often signifies dirty, clogged, or non-maintained.

An Air Control service technician can usually fix this issue, but it is a good idea to sign up for Air Control’s yearly service plan to avoid these issues entirely. If the AC unit is not well maintained, a technician may recommend a replacement in a shorter time 00than expected.

Loud Hammering

An air conditioning unit emits a hammering or banging noise if the compressor is not working correctly. These noises can quickly happen if the AC experiences overuse for an extended time. The natural wear on the compressor creates a banging noise, and a new compressor is usually required. This situation requires an Air Control technician to fix the issue.

Tapping or clicking

If you hear a tapping or clicking noise, it usually means the AC unit has an object stuck in the blower fan constantly rotating and making this noise. Power down the AC, and then restart the unit. If the unit makes noise and does not start, it is an electrical issue that needs service from Air Control.

Clunking Noise

Older AC units require lubrication to the motors. When an older AC unit is not lubricated, a clunking noise coming from the unit may occur. An Air Control technician can service the AC unit in this case. If you attempt to lubricate the motor yourself, turn off power to the AC unit, as well as the circuit breaker before lubricating the motors.

The AC Unit is Just Loud All of The Time

An AC unit can be loud every time it runs. The loud noises are annoying, but installing noise reduction technologies can muffle the sound. An Air Control service technician can adjust the installment of the AC unit to reduce the level of noise coming from the unit.

Not Enough Cool Air is Coming from the Unit

It will not be surprising to learn that Air Control receives several calls from Northwest Arkansas customers who experience hot houses from ailing AC units during the summer. Dirt build-up normally causes AC units to not function properly or put out enough cool air to cool a home.

An AC unit not maintained yearly causes this problem. Dirt build-up causes more obstacles for the AC to run, resulting in less efficiency. Usually, this can be easily fixed. For major problems, a technician may order a part replacement or recommend a new AC unit. Not maintaining an AC unit, especially over a long time, usually results in these problems.

Air Control offers a yearly maintenance program that can help prevent these types of issues. If you are experiencing this issue, Air Control offers free service calls where a technician can inspect the unit and offer a solution.

The AC Unit is Starting to Smell

It is not normal for an AC unit to smell bad. In this instance, it is a good idea to call Air Control if you live in the Northwest Arkansas area, even if the call is outside regular business hours.

An AC unit can start to smell for several reasons:

  • A broken refrigerant line can emit a smell similar to car exhaust. In this case, an Air Control technician will need to service the AC unit.

  • If the AC smells like burning plastic, the electrical components may be damaged. If the unit remains off or not maintained properly for a long time the dust that settled into the unit may smell when it is burning off once the unit is powered on again.

  • If you know your AC unit is working properly, but you are smelling a bad, unidentifiable smell coming from the unit this might indicate an outdoor critter has made its way into the unit. Birds, rodents, or other pests may have crawled into the ductwork, become trapped, and died inside. The rotting animal then emits a foul odor.

To fix this issue, you must identify the pest to make sure this truly is the cause of the smell. After you have located the pest, carefully remove it, and wipe down the area. Finally, close and secure the crawl space opening where you found the pest with wire caging or netting around the ductwork. An Air Control professional is also able 24-hours a day to fix these issues.

How Does a 24-Hour Service Call Work?

If Air Control receives a call from someone needing air conditioning service outside of regular business hours, an after-hours business dispatcher answers the phone call. The dispatcher takes down your location, contact information, and a summary of what issues you are experiencing with your AC unit.

An Air Control technician quickly receives the information. The technician calls the customer to confirm the issue and asks for more details about the problem. This information helps the technician understand what type of parts, tools, and equipment to bring to the service call.

During a service call to the home, an Air Control technician will inspect the air conditioning unit for common issues. A technician from Air Control checks several items to ensure the AC unit is working properly and may clean around the area and condenser.

A service call from Air Control is free, so it is not a bad idea to call if you are experiencing any operational issues with your AC unit. A customer can also expect an Air Control employee to answer the service call. Air Control does not subcontract work to other technicians.

Final Thoughts

This article discussed the most common reasons someone would need a 24-hour emergency AC repair. Air Control technicians routinely receive these calls after business hours and are trained in fixing these common issues.

Signing up for a yearly maintenance plan covering your HVAC systems is a critical way to avoid these common issues. Properly maintaining your AC unit will reduce or prevent emergency calls to fix the AC unit and prolong the life of your AC unit.

Air Control offers a spring and fall AC checkup through its Tommy Club membership. On each seasonal checkup, an Air Control technician will evaluate the health of your heating and air systems. If the AC unit still requires repairs, a Tommy Club member gets priority scheduling for emergency repairs.

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