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Reasons for Needing 24-Hour Air Conditioner Repair in Northwest Arkansas

Updated: May 7

The wild shifts in Northwest Arkansas weather this year caused many to lose heat. Subzero temperatures and prolonged cold stressed heating units to their capacity. The quick weather changes will continue through the summer, and Air Control anticipates 24-hour calls to service air conditioning units that cannot handle the high heat levels.

Air Control services AC units that need repair and replacement in all seasons, but the most customer calls come in during the hot months of summer. This article explains the common reasons why residents of Northwest Arkansas need 24-hour emergency AC repair.

Going without air conditioning in the summer in Northwest Arkansas is the worst home issue. Read on to learn more about why emergency AC repair is needed.

Most Common Reasons People Need 24-Hour Service for Air Conditioning Units

Usually, homes in Northwest Arkansas only have a few air conditioning unit manufacturers, and these models all experience the same common AC problems. Whether it is a water leak, bad smell, or breakdown, Air Control technicians are well educated and trained on the most common reasons why AC units fail.

When an Air Control repair technician services a homes, usually the technician encounters the same issues, which include:

  • The AC unit is not cooling the house

  • The AC unit is not powering on

  • Leaking from the AC unit

  • Loud or strange noises coming from the AC unit

  • Not enough cool air is coming from the unit

  • The AC unit is starting to smell

These are the most common reasons why someone would need a 24-hour emergency call for their AC unit, and these reasons are detailed below.

The Air Conditioning Unit is Not Cooling the House

When the AC is not cooling the house, most people call Air Control. This situation is an emergency for most people, especially when temperatures rise in the hot summer months.