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The Preferred Service and Installer for Sam's Club and Lowe's Stores in Northwest Arkansas

Air Control has proudly served Northwest Arkansas and surrounding area residents since 1993. We are also the preferred service and installation partner for all Sam's Club and Lowe's Home Improvement stores in Northwest Arkansas.

To be a part of these programs, our technicians, who are already licensed, insured and qualified, must undergo additional training and background checks. So if you have purchased installation services or an air conditioner or heater from a Lowe's home improvement or Sam's Club store in our area, you can be sure the job will be completed in a professional and qualified manner.

If you are looking to purchase your HVAC system through a Lowe's store, you will need to contact Lowe's directly, either by visiting your local store, or by accessing their website at:

If your system was purchased or installed through Lowe's, and you require service, you can call your local store to discuss your situation and set up a service appointment. They may refer you to the installer, who may have retained the warranties at the time of purchase.

Sam's Club stores also sell home improvement products and home remodeling services, including HVAC systems. For more information about this program, you can visit the service desk at a local Sam's Club store, or visit their webpage at:

Once you sign up for service at a Sam's Club store, a contractor is scheduled to complete a free home visit to understand what type and size system is appropriate for the home. You always have the opportunity to evaluate the quote and decide if the recommendation is suitable for your situation before purchasing. And, your Sam's Club discount may apply.

If you purchase a HVAC product through a Lowe's or Sam's Club store in the Northwest Arkansas area, be sure to keep track of who will be maintaining the warranty records for any future service needs.

As a reminder, after installation, it is essential to maintain your system. Replace air filters monthly, and keep the system and vents free of debris. In addition, a seasonal check-up of the system is necessary for early Fall and late Spring to keep your HVAC system running smoothly for a long time.

You can maintain the system yourself, or you can set up seasonal check-up services through Air Control. Air Control also offers a Tommy's Club membership, where a technician will service the HVAC system seasonally.